Five Winks

by - 18:01

Five Winks
Watercolor on paper
5 x 4 in
Note to self: never use black for a soft image; it ruins everything :| 

I randomly decided to do this small painting, and, for once, with no references - I'm so proud of myself, haha! I can pinpoint a whole bunch of mistakes, though, but I guess that's all part of the learning process.

Someone once told me that I should paint more from imagination like this; I'm thinking of putting a twist to it, maybe a postcard series or something, which I could sell in print form once I make enough paintings. I'll see. :) For now, I must concentrate on job hunting - a funny business, I must say.

Cheers. ♥

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  1. Still looks good to me, despite the black! :D

    HEY our pending collab is still pending :)) 

  2. Thank youu! :D And YES IT IS; we must get to it soon :)) We'll talk about it once we get together :D