by - 10:30

Watercolor on paper
20 x 15 cm
I've decided to name this series of tiny paintings, 'Flories', short for flora fairies. :3 This is the second one I've done so far, and I'd be really happy with it if it weren't for the bad scan -   for some reason my scanner emphasizes the texture of the watercolor paper. I'm thinking of hunting for hot-pressed paper, which is supposed to be much smoother than cold-pressed paper, which I currently use. Would anyone know where I can find any in the Metro? :)

In other news, I am officially a college graduate, WOOHOO! I'm currently sending out resumes like mad across the region, hoping to land a good job in either the creative or HR/ administrative field. Keeping my fingers crossed! 

P.S. I decided to change my blogger's banner, inserting Five Winks into the image; just to make my blog seem more like me. Let me know what you think! :) Toodles! ♥

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