Our Mother Spring

by - 04:53

Our Mother Spring
Watercolor on paper
29.7 x 21.0 cm
(Credits for references: AmethystDreams1987, faestock, nettle-tea)

In line with trying out illustration styles, I came up with this painting. I altered the way I paint hair, and painted birds for the first time in my life - so pardon me if they look strange. Here are some WIP shots:

I had fish in the original sketch instead of birds, but I scrapped them after some thought; I wanted the painting to convey a light, summery feel, and fish didn't quite seem the way to go. And they seemed scarier to paint than birds, haha!

The scan doesn't do the colors justice; I tried as much as I could to digitally correct them :(

I played around with lines and shapes in this painting; I wonder if you can spot the very subtle heart shape that dominates the overall picture (other than in the flower petals). This took quite a while to finish, but it was a fun while! :3 Yay for painting!

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