Paint and Preserve

by - 16:30

It's done.

Bells That Toll Winter
Watercolor on paper
23 x 30.5 cm
(Credits for references: paganistic-stock, pixievamp-stock, and BimboBabe)

I was going to name it 'Winter is Coming' but I thought better of it; I might get sued for copyright infringement, haha! Anyway, I really do need more practice with watercolor. Especially in painting skin, the skin looks absolutely horrible here, among other things.

So, yesterday I bought myself a clear folder to store my small drawings and paintings in, but this is no ordinary clear folder (at least for me); it's a spiral one, which I have never come across until the other day when I first spotted it at Paperchase. It's about Dhs 49, or $13, with a black cloth-like cover, and about twenty or so thick display pockets. I love it so much!

There's a white version of the display book, but it's semi-transparent and softbound; I wanted the black one because its hardbound cover seemed more protective, and slightly more professional-looking too. Back in Manila all my drawings are scattered everywhere; it's about time I properly put them on protective display. When I was in high school I used to have gigantic clear folders for my works (which were all A3-sized then), only because it was necessary for my Art class. I used to produce so much work then (about three folders' worth); I wonder what changed, haha!

On another note, here's another painting I'm starting on, to be rendered in watercolors as well:

I can see why the artists I know or follow prefer watercolors; although they're not so easy to work it, they dry fast, so you finish your work faster. It can literally take me years to finish an acrylic painting; the watercolor painting above took me about two weeks, an hour to two each day, give or take. I have an idea for how the second painting's going to turn out, but let's see if I can capture it on paper.

With that, have a lovely day, everyone!

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