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I'd like to share a very recent experience I had concerning art and media; specifically, my internship for a local educational channel. As a requirement for our Visual Arts class, my classmates and I were assigned to Knowledge Channel, the only all-educational and non-profit channel in the Philippines, which aims to improve the quality of education by broadcasting its wide-ranging content through television to students of public schools across the nation. I can't even begin to describe how I felt when one of their spokespersons was filling us in on their vocation during our orientation; it was a mixture of awe and overwhelming respect, coupled with sadness on hearing the reality of what poor children in our country face in their daily lives. After the orientation, I was glad that I had been given a chance to participate in that vocation of changing these daily lives, and only too excited to get started on the video that my group was to produce. 

And now I can honestly say that working for the media is just hard

My group's project was/ is to produce a video about the late Ang Kiukok, one of the nation's renowned modern artists. It was challenging enough to conceptualize the video, for we not only had to cater to both KC's and our professor's expectations, we also had to keep in mind the public school curriculum, as well as the overall learning curve of our targeted audience (in our case, high school freshmen). Not only that, we had to maintain our script in Filipino - my old frenemy. I'd never struggled so much in my life to speak in front of a camera (at least now I can say basta hindi lang kayo mapapagalitan kapag gagamitin ninyo iyon [just don't get scolded if you use that], haha!) 

We started shooting last week, and it was tiring and constantly testing my patience (as well as the law at one point) but we managed to get the footage we needed. All we have to do now is edit edit edit. The first viewing is due on Wednesday already, and our final presentation to KC is next week; I'm praying they approve of it! Here's a little sneak-peek at one of the segments:

Our video focuses on the cubist aspect of Ang Kiukok's style; part of our footage is a tutorial on painting in a cubist fashion, and I'm the painter, as you can see. Despite the pressure (I was doing it spontaneously with no preparation beforehand), I thoroughly enjoyed filming the tutorial. The entire experience so far has taught me so much (like the importance of teamwork, and proper pronunciation), and it's made me realize that maybe I'm not so cut out for a career in media, haha!

On another note, I haven't been able to update at all since finals started kicking their way in; we've literally been reading, writing, and mentally hemorrhaging for about a month now, and it's absolutely exhausting :( Hence, I've only been able to work on just one new artwork, and it's going pretty slowly:

This is a rather spontaneous painting as well; but so far, it seems to be turning out alright! I shall go work on it now; tonight shall just be for art. 

Hope you're well, dear reader.

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  1. It'll be a while before the video actually airs, though, but if ever, I'll try to post up some further segments later on :) And thank you! I'm just trying out something new, haha

  2. I'm still observing your blog for any updates. Hope your okay despite the storm.

  3. Yes I am, thank you for your concern! I'm just really busy with finals this week, I'll post something up soon :) Thanks again!