Dubai Baby

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Wow, I haven't blogged in a while, and I owe it all to the swirling black hole of stress that was finals week(s), which ended just today actually, with the submission of a poor excuse of a philosophical paper. Finally, it's sem break

I am currently about eight hours away by plane from Manila, in Dubai, the country of my childhood: Dubai, land of sun, sand, and shawarma. I'll be here for the entire duration of my sem break (which actually started last Saturday; the philosophical paper I submitted yesterday was an extension). It's so good to see the family again, especially since for the first time I'm with my beautiful, adorable baby niece, Meigan. About two days ago I got and took the chance of sketching her as she wondered along in Dreamland. She is such a cuuute baby, absolutely irresistible (although my sketches don't do her justice at all).

It was fun practice, drawing her; it was like a live model sketching, and every so often Meigan would fidget in her sleep so I'd hurry to finish whatever sketch I was working on before she moved. But really, I could watch her all day long; she is such a doll. 

On an unrelated note, I brought my sister's watercolor pencils along with me; I'd just recently discovered them back in the house in Manila, confined in a web of dust in some corner, and attempted to actually use them in my art. I'm still seeing how things are panning out, but so far, I think I can say, watercolor pencils are awesome. I'm planning to render some sketches of Meigan in watercolor, but once I get the hang of them, I'll post up a blog about it. At least I can relax now, and take time to work on my art (oh, how I've missed art!). For now, toodles!

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  1. Adorable and awesome baby sketch! Loove the details! :D Glad you're having a grand time there with your niece, lady! Miss youuuu!

  2. Thank youuu! :D I miss you toooo, can't wait to hang out again <3

  3. Not bad at all!