Finding Art

by - 21:24

So this is it, my first and hopefully official art blog! I'll try to update it as often as I can - given, of course, that I draw as often as I can; right now, my free time is being pushed over the edge due to the intense workload of senior year. For now, here's a peek at the paintings I've been working on (rather sporadically):

My dad gave me cold pressed watercolor paper a long time ago, but I never did get to use it until recently, when I discovered that most of my paintbrushes were more suited for watercolors than acrylics (my usual medium of choice). So, in the hopes of defining my style, I decided to experiment a bit with the watercolor effect, still using acrylics. Hence you can see certain areas in the paintings are more opaque than others, but I think I like the effect (although I do think I'm botching the watercolor technique). Here's another that I practiced the technique on:

Both are unfinished, quite obviously... I just hope that I can get back to painting them soon! This shall be all now for my first post, a lovely day to you all!

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