Nude Sketching: Attacking Models with Pencils

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Last Sunday I was able to attend my first ever formal sketching session, and it was a challenging but absolutely thrilling experience. Organized by Valerie Chua and Feanne Mauricio (both so talented and so pretty!), the session was held at Arts in the City, a quaint, multipurpose art center that sits snuggly along 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City. 

It was a session for nude model sketching - which was why I, faced with the opportunity of improving my drawing skills as well as the chance to draw my favorite subject (i.e. women), was only too eager to join (I was actually the first attendee to arrive, so funny). 

After small friendly exchanges between artists and hostesses (we were less than twenty all in all), the session kicked off with a gentle murmur of excitement. We were to draw the model in different poses, in gradually lengthening spans of time, from three-minute sketches, to thirty-minute sketches. Below are my five-, ten- and thirty-minute sketches (I'm too embarrassed about the quicker ones; I discovered to my horror that I actually suck at doing quick sketches):

This is my favorite one!

I did absolutely no justice to the model at all; she possesses a very unique beauty, and I couldn't quite capture her sleepy eyes or her round torso that well - not to mention the various skin depressions and muscle contortions. I found that my weakness lies in drawing large, general shapes (I tend to focus on details), proportioning, and basic anatomical recognition. I have a lot to work on, I hope I do improve eventually, with loads of practice! 

I am so grateful that I was invited to attend such an event; I wasn't able to really mingle with the other artists present (I loved how dressed themselves up that day; so artsy) but next time I will. It was fun watching them use different mediums such as charcoal, ink, and paint. Thanks again Val and Feanne, I hope you continue to hold similar sessions in the future! 

To all those interested in the session, visit their page. Have a lovely day, everyone!

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  1. You can also try the anatomy book of improves my skill in drawing figurative drawings.

  2. Ooh, will definitely look into that! Thanks so much! :)