Painting the Roses Red

by - 23:06

Last week, I was scanning the crowded shelves of Booksale at SM Mega Mall when the gilded title of a certain green book caught my eye: Painting Acrylic Flowers A-Z. With no hesitation I tugged at the book until it pulled free from its tight wedge, and flung it open on my lap. It was love at first sight, my dear. 

Authored by Lexi Sundell, the book is a simple but thoroughly comprehensive manual regarding the task of painting flowers using acrylics as medium; it includes a detailed introduction to painting in general, floral structures (basic shapes and such), as well as an entire directory of paintings of beautiful flowers... I'm so happy I own such a book; I feel like I want to own more art books like this, it may help to improve my technique.

I've always loved flowers, but it was only recently I actually resolved to paint them more. Case in point:

I admit this is a more of a fruit fairy than a flower fairy, but she's based on a plant, nonetheless. This is a cape gooseberry fairy, or Cape Goosefairy, as I like to call her. Completed last summer, this was actually my first attempt to perform watercolor techniques using acrylics. It didn't turn out so well, since the paper I used was severely inadequate (you can see the dark areas where the paper dried in bumps), but I do like the overall outcome, more or less (she looks a bit dead though). I had initially planned for her to be a simple flower fairy, but then, browsing through the internet, I discovered that little curiously-shaped fruit with the precious name. 

The next few flower paintings I plan to do will be on canvas already, since canvases really pick up the vibrancy of acrylic colors. Let's hope I can get started on them soon!

On that note, have a pleasant day ahead, everyone!

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