Canvas Painting

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It's always been my dream to hold an exhibit of my works, so, lately, I'd taken to painting on canvases. However, time doesn't really permit me to really do so, because for one thing, I'm absolutely anal with details, and it takes me, without exaggeration, forever to work on a painting because of that. Moreover, it takes me a while to mix my acrylics to get a particular hue, and then there is 'the mood'; I have to be in a certain mood to do canvas painting - maybe because of all the effort I put into it. I wonder what that says about me as an artist.

In my entire lifetime, I have only ever finished two canvas paintings; both had been made into gifts, but the more recent one, which I finished earlier this year, was one I am still proud of; and which I think will reflect the styles of future canvas works:

I gave the painting above to my boyfriend's mother (she had requested that I paint her something; if anyone cares to know, it's this painting that serves as the backdrop to this blog's title); it was the first time I painted flowers and leaves on canvas, and I had so much fun working on getting the petals and twigs and veins right. I absolutely love painting flowers; I can't wait to paint more!

Currently, there are two canvas paintings that are on my list of works-in-progress: a personal painting, and another gift-to-be:

This is a small painting, just a couple of inches in length and width... that I started three years ago. That darned mood. I should really finish this one.

This is the first landscape painting, and by far the largest painting, I've ever attempted; it's literally a blown-up version of a postcard my grandmother asked me to copy.

Graduation, come fast already so I can work full-time on my paintings. I'm considering, however, buying an easel before that happens; I'm just having difficulty deciding on whether I should get a table-top kind, or a standing one. As it is, I'm not used to painting on a vertically inclined surface, and I'd much rather paint on a slanted drawing table, because the way I paint is really much like the way I draw with a pencil. Drawing tables are much more expensive than easels are though (at least, the one I have in mind is), but I would so love to have one. One more reason to save money!

On a side note, I just realized that I have so many pending works. I'm such a disorganized artist. It's just that I have so many things I want to draw/ paint, and I'm impatient to get them down on paper already. Oh well, at least I'll always have something to return to. 

Here's a pleasant day to you all!

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