Orchid Blooms

by - 21:23

Orchid Blooms
Watercolor and acrylic on paper
29.7 x 21.0 cm

I nearly gave up on this painting; firstly, I didn't know what to do with the background, and secondly, the paper was irritatingly difficult to work with - it absorbed water and paint too fast, creating ugly splotches here and there :\ Good thing I was able to salvage the painting with acrylic paint; acrylic paint seems to have a consistency that watercolor paint lacks. Or it might be just the case that I had/ have no idea how to work with watercolors. Either way, I'm not very proud of this painting, but I think it turned out okay. The colors are much lighter and softer in real life, though.

This is still for available for sale if anyone's interested. :)

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