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My maternal grandmother is a creative old soul always seeking to express herself in one way or the other. It was her brilliant idea for us to make personalized stationery out of the scrapbook stuffs we have sitting around the house, gathering dust. At first, she thought of making simple all-purpose cards, but I thought maybe we could expand our craft to include other stationery items, since I've always wanted to try making notebooks, inspired by artpreneurs around the globe. I got to work immediately.

Finding an excellent how-to guide online, I gathered some index cards I had lying around, hunted for some thread, and proceeded to make a trial notebook. It's still pretty rough around the edges, since I lack basic materials (like a cutter and ruler to name a few) but I'm thrilled at the idea of making more, improved notebooks.

I might make my Flories into such notebooks, when I've mastered the craft. I'm so excited about this project, it's the first time my grandmother and I are doing anything like this! <3

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  1. Wow! Beautiful notebook, Vina and Lola Ming! Galing! :)

  2. So awesome!! I miss you and lola and lolo!

    1. Thank youu! We miss youu toooo, soo much!

  3. Thank you so much Ate Charmaine! :D

  4. YOU lacked a RULER? YOU, LAVINA MARIE, LACKED A RULER? Has the world come to an end and I did not know about it??

    That's really pretty though. Great job! Can't make crafts even if I tried!

  5. I LOST ALL MY RULERS!! How cruel the world is =))

    Thank youuu! :D ♥