One Thing Challenge

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Intermission between Chapter Senior Life and Chapter Graduation Day: summer vacation and the listlessness that inevitably blankets this time lag that otherwise calls for partying, exploring islands, or some other exciting adventure-like thing. As for me, I am spending this time quite contentedly with the loving family back in the sandlands where I grew up - Dubai - and I've been doing the same routine every day: sleep, eat, watch my baby niece, play Persona 3 on PPG (my PSP; yes, its name is the acronym for Powerpuff Girls; it's a long story), eat, sleep. Only occasionally I do some art:

This is taking forever for me to finish, haha!

As of today, I have decided to burden myself with a challenge: draw and paint random faces from imagination every day. I used to when I was still in my awkward years (I even created comics) but I stopped when I discovered I copied better. This challenge is to compensate for all the time that I did not spend doing art when I swore I would, but largely it's to find that 'one thing' (cue One Direction) that makes my art mine. I hope I find it ♥ 

In other news, I want to share that I recently found an oval-shaped canvas in Carrefour, and it was so lovely and so inexpensive (Dhs 12 or $3), I had to buy it. I don't know yet what I'm going to paint on it, but the shape calls for some still-life or portrait I think. I'll see if my challenge strikes a bolt of inspiration sooner or later. 

Anyway, so I'm off to hunt for some quality art materials; I accidentally left my watercolor pencils back in Manila, and any decent drawing paper, so I'll be searching for some here. 

Toodles, dear world!

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