Illustration and Graduation

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Pardon the outburst, but I ONLY HAVE THREE WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT. :O After that, I can officially call myself a college graduate, ready to dive headfirst into that crazy world they call work. I'm excited and impatient at the same time, especially since we just finished having our graduation and yearbook pictures taken. I thought I'd share my creative shot, which I'm particularly proud of:

I rushed the self-portrait the night before the shoot, so I have my doubts as whether it looks like me or not. Still though, I love that I managed to get it done; I had this idea for my creative shot planned out since my sophomore year. The only thing I don't like about how the pictures turned out is my hair; the way they fixed it, I looked like one of those madames from the sixties with the towering crowns, only more egg-like. I'm just glad my hair wasn't long enough to make an entire skyscraper out of it. In any case, I won't post it here to preserve my dignity.

Anyway, I've been so busy with schoolwork, it's reached a point where I'm literally struggling to stay focused. I've barely any time to do art, although here's one that I managed to squeeze in recently:

This is a new watercolor painting I'm currently working (or trying to work) on; I thought I'd skip the faerie element this time and take a whack at painting something more along the lines of contemporary illustration. Another take on that whole drawing-from-imagination bit I'm trying to practice. I really think I lack that particular lobe in my brain that shoots forth creative juices... or maybe it just preconditioned itself to work only for strictly academic purposes. 

It's difficult conceptualizing a work of illustration; I admire those artists who  place splotches, streaks and whatnot in strategic locations around a painting and pull it off. But maybe I'm just having difficulty because illustration has never been my forte. 

I'll try to update this blog again soon, I've got loads of things I want to share, like new art books, and my first official publication! :) Toodles, take care, reader!

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  1. It looks like you kaya. :) Also, I'm glad that we (you & me & Lesley, rhymes!) got to spend grad pic day togetherrr <3

  2. Awesome sauce! And I am toooo, it was so much fun; I hope we can spend another day like that again sooon <3