Capriciously Creative

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I haven't been updating as often as I once promised I would, only because I've been thoroughly enjoying my new job. The work, the environment, and the people are just absolutely fantastic. I'm actually of value there -- and it's not every day that I can admit something as profound as that.

I have been, however, working on paintings, though sporadically, just to keep the creative juice (what little I have of it) flowing. If you would be so kind as to let me, I'd love to share these random spurts of creativity with you now.

Ink on paper
38.4 x 25.7 cm
(Credits for model: faestock)
One of my old tank tops was beginning to look rather frail, so I thought I'd give it makeover.
As it turns out, I'm not so good at this DIY business. :))

Decided one day to paint a portrait of one of my fairy figurines. I'll post it up soon!

I bought myself a customizable tumbler from Starbucks, and I spent a happy evening 
painting the floral design for it. ♥ (Yes, like those jars that sit on my desk :)) )

Hair, hair, and more hair! I love painting hair. This one's almost done! :D
That's about it so far. It's been so long since I've posted anything really substantial, so I hope to do that soon. I've yet to post another product review, and a couple of detailed progress reports of paintings.

Hope you're enjoying the heat as much as I am!

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