Workshop In Retrospect

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I had my doubts as to whether I could teach basic watercolor painting - major doubts; I was a nervous wreck during my preparations - but my watercolor workshop turned out even better than I had dared hope.

Clockwise from left: Lian, Alan, my Tita Gina, Patt, and Ray
Only five of the fifteen slots were filled, which actually made things a whole lot more fun and manageable. I was able to work with the participants coolly, if not comfortably; although I did feel like quite the noob the whole time, haha. They were all just so quiet, too quiet, in fact, that I thought I was virtually boring the creativity out of them. But I was incredibly happy to see them paint like seasoned wizards:

Patt working on her tones
Ray trying out the wet-on-wet technique
Their level of skill surprised me to no end, especially during the practical application of landscape and still life painting. But it's a wonderful - albeit unnerving - feeling, really, to see others apply the knowledge that you imparted to them.

I can see how teaching can be a fulfilling profession, but I really don't think I'm cut out for it. Still though, I'd love to conduct a workshop again, and I hope I can in the future. Thank you Times Trading Inc., for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Group picture! (Sorry for the yellowish hue)
Have a wonderful February ahead, everyone! :)

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