Small-Scale Delights

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Probably on account of my childhood fondness for Polly Pocket, I've developed an affinity for all things miniature: miniature furniture, miniature dolls; but what really drives me over the edge and into the sea of kiddish delight... is miniature food. 

My small but growing collection
I only came to know and love miniature food - that is, food that looks real but is made out of clay or other similar material, and is TINY - in the 2000s, upon stumbling across a member of deviantART who propagated the stuff as a form of art. Known for her handle PetitPlat, Stephanie Kilgast has taken the miniature art world by storm with her amazing polymer clay creations:

Photos from PetitPlat
As much as I'd love to get my hands on those incredibly CUTE foods, they're unfortunately out of my reach, quite literally; most of the best miniature foods are only sold abroad, usually in the US and some parts of Europe, and are slightly above my spending capability, haha.

However, the most readily available and affordable miniature foods that I've come across so far are in Bangkok, Thailand. Though not as heavily detailed as others, the foods there are still nothing short of amazing. During my last visit, I managed to buy the first items of my miniature food collection:

Jars of donuts, bread, and macaroons *u*
Smaller than a piso coin!
This was all I was able to buy at the time. When I found out a couple of months ago that Joey was heading out to Bangkok for business, I asked him to buy me me one or two more. He came back with several, and just the other day, he handed them to me:


So awesome ♥ Now I just need a tiny shelf to display all these items, haha! Miniature shelves and display cases are also available in Bangkok, but are relatively expensive - between P500 to P1000. Perhaps when I've acquired a steady income I'll have the chance to expand my collection. For now, I'm content with these pastry and sushi lovelies of mine. I actually want to try making some foods myself, using polymer clay, but I think that endeavor can wait; I have my art and watercolor workshop pending :D

I hope your day's going well!

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  1. These are the most adorable things ever! I especially love the tiny stick-o's :)) I think you should check out Victoria Stitch's blog, she also makes miniature things for her 3d illustrations :)

  2. So do I, they're sooo cute! Thanks for the suggestion, checking out her blog now! :D