Workshop and Exhibit

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Last month, my former Fine Arts professor approached me with the verbal invitation to a painting workshop, to be held in November within the school's walls. She imparted a vague description of the workshop, leaving me with the impression that it would be conducted by sixteen Chinese painters (I was thinking, wow that's a lot). However, I finally received the actual invitation via Facebook just the other day, and I discovered that it's a workshop on basic Chinese painting; and I still don't know if there are going to be sixteen painters hosting, but in any case, I'm excited for it! I've never attended a painting workshop (that I can recall).

In addition, I was asked to contribute an artwork for a Rizal exhibit that will take place also this month, at school as well. I'm already beginning to conceptualize my piece, but only fragments; I'm wondering how I'm going to portray my homeland's national hero when I only know so much about him! In any case, I'm trying to draw inspiration from several images, including this one:

I took this photo last January during an excursion to Rizal Park in Manila, specifically the Ang Pagpapakabayani ni Dr. José R. Rizal or The Martyrdom of Dr. José P. Rizal portion, which is an impressive outdoor display of bronze sculptures depicting climactic scenes in the final moments of Rizal's life. The one above dominates the center of the entire area, the highlight of the largest collection of sculptures that showcases Rizal's moment of immortalization: his execution. This singular sculpture is unnerving: arms helplessly flailing, face turned to the heavens in an expression of pained release, as bullets speed into Rizal's back... it's an incredible work of art. I plan to portray this man in paint, but I hope I can even capture a sense of what he means to the Philippine people.

On an ending note, I'll be starting my second (and last, eep!) semester in a couple of days. I can't wait, I'll be learning more interesting stuff! :D

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