Clovers and Cotton

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My dad is a regular business traveler, and he always makes it a point to bring me back something cute or pretty, like a small figurine, or bookmark. On one of his most recent trips to Korea, he got me a lovely metallic bookmark in the shape of a four-leaf clover. 

The 'leaves' look like wings. Inspiration!
The bookmark was packaged along with a short description of the history of the four-leaf clover; apparently, even Napoleon dabbled in the luck of the Irish, when a bullet narrowly missed his head as he bent to pick up a four-leaf clover he spotted on the ground. I'm not really sure if the story's true, but it's fun to picture it.

Speaking of luck, as I was browsing through Paperchase, one of my favorite stationery stores, I came across a packet of 20 sheets of handmade paper, recycled from cotton rag. What a find! 

The thickness and texture of the paper seem perfect for watercolor and ink work, and the paper's acid-free, to top it off, which means no yellowing, yay! I love that it has frayed edges as well.

I didn't hesitate to buy the paper (Dhs 39, or about $11). I can't wait to try it out! I just hope I get to actually use up the paper; I tend to hoard stationery, and, more often than not, that's exactly what they remain: stationary. Haha! I've all the bad habits of an aspiring artist :))

Christmas is drawing nigh! I hope your December's going well. ♥

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